Ecosmart Lift 100

Environmental friendly flagpole with extraordinary features: an always visible flag combined with an exceptional user-friendliness

  • ecological and sustainable
    thanks to the use of a special alloy made from recycled aluminium
  • Easy to change the flag
    From the ground level thanks to the hoistable banner arm system
  • Always visible flag
    Even without wind thanks to the rotating banner arm system
  • Strong
    thanks to the specially designed flagpole profile
  • No flag theft possible
    because operation is only possible with the supplied crank
  • Aesthetical
    And minimalistic design, special aluminium flagpole profile
  • High quality
    Finished with a flat design aluminium finial
  • Secure rail guidance
    The hoistable banner arm is guided in the rail of the aluminium profile to ensure a maximum reliability and secure guidance of the hoistable system, operated by a high quality winch-system.
    Because of the use of the Pole Position counterweight with rubber protection ring.
    Possibility to integrate led lighting neatly and invisible in the rail of the flagpole

The Ecosmart Lift 100 is manufactured from recycled aluminium and completely tested and produced according to the European standards. Good for the environment, but also for your image!  

This flagpole is manufactured with the "Ecosmart" profile. This is a cylindrical aluminium profile with integrated rail. The external diameter is 100mm and has a wall thickness of 3mm. The profile of this Ecosmart 100 is very strong and can resist high wind loads. 

The hoistable banner arm is guided in the rail of the aluminium profile to ensure a maximum reliablity and secure guidance of the hoistable system. 

The flag can be easily raised from the ground level using the winch-system with crank. Changing the flag is getting very easy! Inside the flagpole the winch-system makes sure that the halyard cannot swivel. 

The standard integrated rail, does not only look great but also protects against vandalism. There are no visible parts on the flagpole because the winch-system is integrated inside the flagpole. The operation of the winch system is designed without any visible parts on the outside of the flagpole. This prevents unauthorized use or calamities. The only visible element is a small hole inside the rail, in which the supplied crank fits. Flag theft is not possible because hoisting the flag is only possible with the crank.  

The Pole Position counterweight is attached at the bottom of the flag. The counterweight with rubber protection ring eliminates noise and prevents damage to the surface of the flagpole. It prevents the flag from rising up the pole in the wind and keeps the flag tight. It is manufactured out of a steel rod and neatly finished with a fibre reinforced synthetic cover. For flagpoles without clattering noise! The counterweight is attached around the flagpole with a flexible nylon ring. It is sufficiently heavy to keep large format flags tight to the flagpole. 

For banner flags, retainer rings are used. These keep the flag close to the flagpole. They are very strong and reusable with every flag change. Moreover the rings prolong the lifespan of the flag. 

The Ecosmart Lift is finished at the top with a flat design aluminium finial. It has the same finishing of the flagpole and is equipped with a high quality winch. Do you wish your flags to be permanently visible? Then you can choose for optional integrated LED lighting! 

Accessories for this flagpole

LED lighting


Ground fixation

Ground sleeve

Hinged base


Wall fixation – Flagpole holder

Vertical wall clamp