Extendable flagpole for temporary installation such as exhibitions, events, festivals, car sales, …

  • Extendable flagpole
    For temporary use
  • Easy to transport
    Thanks to the limited dimensions
  • Beautifully finished
    And exceptionally strong

The telescopic flagpole consists of 4 parts of each 1,5mm with diameters varying between 36mm up to 50,5mm. The flagpole is extendable to the desired height and is locked by turning one part on to the other. The screwing mechanism of this turn-click system, is located inside the flagpole so no obstructive external parts are visible.

The transition between the different flagpole parts is finished with synthetic decorative rings. The different parts can be exceptionally firmly locked. This flagpole is always finished in natural anodized colour including accessories in a matching grey colour.

There are 2 types of telescopic flagpoles available:

  • Equipped with a rotating bearing top banner arm: suitable for always visible banner flags even without wind. The hem of the flag slides over the banner arm.
  • Equipped with a standard finial with clamps: is applied for waving flags or for standard rectangle flag sizes.

At the bottom of the flag a counterweight is attached to keep the flag tight.

Accessories for this flagpole

Spring pin


Ground fixation

Concrete base

Metal car wheel base

Fibre reinforced wheel base