Hoistable banner arm

Innovative! The excellent price-quality ratio of the cylindrical flagpole combined with an exceptional user friendliness.

  • always visible flag
    even withouth wind thanks to the rotating banner arm system
    from the ground level because the banner system is hoistable
    in line with the other cylindrical flagpoles

The cylindrical flagpole with hoistable banner arm is equipped with a rotating synthetic finial. The halyard runs through the finial and is guided into a pulley. The pulley wheel is closed so the rope slides very gently and never gets stuck. This banner arm system is hoistable to ensure an easy flag change from the ground level. The banner arm system slides over the flagpole and hooks on to the finial on top of the flagpole. In this way the banner arm rotates 360° in the wind.   

Inside the flagpole there is a counterweight that keeps the flag and banner arm always at the top of the flagpole. By use of a telescopic stick with hook, you can easily replace the flag by pulling down the flag and banner arm. Once released, the flag returns automatically to its original position. This is an exceptionally qualitative and user-friendly system. No more hassle with halyard systems of which the rope gets stuck or bad functioning hoistable banner arms. Moreover Pole Position gave extra attention to the solidity and the contemporary design of this flagpole!



At the bottom of the flag a small counterweight is attached. It is manufactured out of a steel rod and neatly finished synthetic cover. This counterweight is deliverd in the same colour as your flagpole. 
For banner flags, retainer rings are used. These keep the flag close to the flagpole. They are very strong and reusable with every flag change. The rings prolong the lifespan of the flag. 


Ground fixation

Ground sleeve

Ground socket

Hinged base