Cylindrical standard flagpole equipped with an anti-theft security

  • Waving flag
    With internal halyard and Pole Position finial with pulley wheel
  • No flag theft possible
    Because the access to the internal halyard is secured with an anti-theft box
  • Soundless
    No annoying clatter of the rope against the flagpole thanks to the internal halyard

This anti-theft flagpole contains an internal halyard. The halyard is guided through a closed pulley situated at the top of the flagpole in the Pole Position finial. With this invisible feature we differentiate ourselves from other manufacturers. It ensures a smooth flag change and makes sures that the halyard never gets stuck!

The flag can never be stolen because of the internal halyard. Additional advantage is that it prevents annoying clatter from the halyard against the flagpole. Remember the sound that you hear in yacht harbors…

At the bottom of the flag, a counterweight is attached. The counterweight tightens the flag along the flagpole and prevents the flag from being blown up. A larger Pole Position counterweight with rubber protection ring is standardly used for flagpoles with diameter 70mm. It ensures a soundless installation and eliminates annoying clatter from the counterweight that bumps to the flagpole. The supplied carabiners to easily attach the flag, are made from stainless steel.

For banner flags, retainer rings are recommended. They keep the flag close to the flagpole. Retainer rings are very strong and reusable with every flag change. Moreover they prolong the lifespan of the flag. The rings can be ordered separately.

At eye level the halyard is kept in place by a clamcleat. This clamcleat is not accessible for unauthorized individuals because of the secured anti-theft box. In this way your flag is permanently protected against theft.

Ground fixation

Ground sleeve

Ground socket

Hinged base