The standard flagpole for permanent use of waving flags. Solid design, powerful aesthetics. Reliable for your image!

  • Waving flag
  • Easy to raise the flag because of the external halyard and cleat
  • Long lifespan thanks to the solid shape and the optimal use of materials
  • Powerful design: becomes thinner towards the top
  • Available from 5m to 12m length

The standard conical flagpole is made in one piece from a high quality aluminium alloy. The flagpole does not have any cross welds or longitudinal joints. Which makes it significantly more beautiful than steel or polyester flagpoles.

At the top the flagpole is finished with a Pole Position finial matching the flagpole color (white or silver grey). The finial is equipped with an internal pulley.

The halyard runs through the pulley and gets locked on with a flagpole cleat. The cleat is installed at eye level on the outside of the flagpole.

Accessories for this flagpole


Decorative collar for hinged base


Ground fixation

Ground sleeve

Ground socket

Hinged base


Wall fixation – Flagpole holder

Vertical wall clamp

Wall clamp for window use