Banner arm

Conical flagpole equipped with a rotating top banner arm for a permanent visible flag

  • always visible flag
    even without wind thanks to the high quality rotating banner arm system 
  • no noise - soundless
    thanks to the absence of the halyard and the use of the Pole Position counterweight with rubber protection ring
  • solid
    because light-weight and resistant to high wind loads. This conical flagpole is many time stronger than a cylindrical flagpole
  • powerful design
    becomes thinner towards the top
  • long lifespan
    thanks to the smart design and the optimal use of materials
  • no flag theft possible 
  • available to a maximum lenght of 12m 

The conical flagpole is finished with a 360° rotating top banner arm for a permanent visible flag. We do not make use of a bearing ball system of which the efficiency quickly gets lost once sand, dust or dirt get into the bearing ball system. Pole Position developed a new solution! Thanks to our many years experience, we designed a rotating system without the use of any grease, which guarantees an everlasting rotation  of the flag around the flagpole.

The finial is produced with a stainless steel precision tube that functions in a rotating system without the use of any grease. No compromises, we deliver the high Pole Position quality that you expect and we offer a 3 year warranty for the rotation of the flag. The aluminium top banner arm is available for standard flag widths. This banner arm has a diameter of 36mm to make sure that the flag always stays horizontal at the top (does not bend after a certain period). The flag is finished at the top with an open hem that slides over the banner arm.


This type of flagpole is often used for large banner format flags. Therefore it is essential to attach the flag around the flagpole with retainer rings. These rings keep the flag close to the flagpole. They are very strong and reusable with every flag change. Moreover these rings prolong the lifespan of the flag.


The Pole Position counterweight is attached at the bottom of the flag. This counterweight with rubber protection ring eliminates noise and prevents damage on the surface of the flagpole. It prevents the flag from rising up the pole in the wind and keeps the flag tight. It is manufactured out of a steel rod and neatly finished with a fibre reinforced synthetic cover. The supplied carabiner makes it easy to attach the flag to the counterweight.

It is necessary to lay down the flagpole on the ground to change the flag. You can easily flip the flagpole on a hinged base, which is the recommended ground fixation for the conical flagpole.  

Accessories for this flagpole

Decorative collar for hinged base


Ground fixation

Ground sleeve

Ground socket

Hinged base