The classical conical flagpole. Solidity and reliability for the permanent use of waving flags.

  • Waving flags
    with internal halyard
  • No flag theft possible
    thanks to the anti-theft door that secures the access to the flagpole
  • No noise
    because of the internal halyard that prevents annoying clatter of the rope
  • Easy to change the flag
    because of the user-friendly anti-theft door
  • long lifespan 
    thanks to the smart design and optimal use of materials
  • Beautiful design
    flagpole becomes thinner towards the top

The flagpole is finished at the top with the Pole Position finial. In the finial, the halyard runs via a closed pulley to the cleat. Consequently you can easily change the flag and the halyard never gets stuck anymore! This invisible detail differentiates us from other suppliers. 

This flagpole is developed by Pole Position to function as a flagpole. It is not a transformed lamp post! The flagpole is manufactured with sophisticated materials, has optimal dimensions and there is a perfect positioning of the anti-theft door. This door is lasered from the flagpole surface and placed at eye level. The door can only be opened with a special key. The pole is reinforced at the door opening.

The flag is kept tight with the help of the Pole Position counterweight. This counterweight helps to steady the flag and prevents the flag from rising up the pole in the wind. It is manufactured from a steel rod and beautifully finished with a reinforced synthetic cover. Unique is that the counterweight is finished with a rubber protection ring. This eliminates noise or damage to the surface of the flagpole. For banner flags it is necessary to use retainer rings to attach the flag close to the flagpole. The retainer rings prevent the flag from being blown up the pole by the wind. The rings are very strong and reusable with every flag change.

Accessories for this flagpole

Decorative collar for hinged base


Ground fixation

Ground sleeve

Ground socket

Hinged base