The Bannerflex is the solution to put banners on existing (light)poles.

  • solid and modern display solution
    to put on existing lamp posts as an alternative for flags and pennants
  • no risk that the brackets will break 
    because the bannerflex reduces the wind-force up to 85%
  • reliable
    no risk for being held liable for any kind of damage caused by the breaking of the brackets and 5 years guarantee on all manufacturing defects
  • longer lifespan
    of your banner, the bracket and the light pole
  • better
    than any other similar bracket system on the market today
  • economize
    better return on investment due to the long lifespan
  • easy to install
    and fast change of the banner 
  • easy to maintain 

The bannerflex is the more qualitative solution to mount your banner on an existing lamp post. The bracket is developed especially for non wind-permeable banners. The Bannerflex system consists of 2 casted aluminium base plates and is developed in such a way that the banner moves slightly in the wind. During stormy weather or strong winds, the spring makes the banner turn 90° away from the wind direction. This guarantuees a long lifespan for the bracket as well as for the lamp post on to which it is attached.

According to wind tunnel tests with our Bannerflex, the windforce is reduced with 85%. Whereas the ordinary system only shows a wind reduction of 15%! When the windforce get down, the banner returns automatically to its original position.

The brackets are mounted on the existing lamp post with the help of captured screw-gear stainless steel straps. One set always consists of a pultruded carbonfibre top arm, slightly canted up (1°), and a bottom arm, slightly canted down (1°). This ensures a optimal tension for optimal visibility.

This system is applicable for polyester flags as well as for PVC banners. The Bannerflex is easy and quick to install, to move and to adjust to various circumstances.
We grant a 5 year warranty on the design, manufacturing defects and its wind force reducing capacities.